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In an era when "bigger is better" has become fashionable, ERI has deliberately maintained its original course. We do not sell our services based on "major computer data banks" nor "a vast network of offices Coast to Coast". We offer no "quick fix, from the files" solutions to executive recruitment needs. Instead, our outstanding reputation and unmatched longevity is based on one simple premise - quality, targeted search work that is custom tailored to the client's specific needs, thus insuring an exact fit of the individual and their talents with the client organization.

Our size enables us to control costs and pass the savings to clients with lower fees.

We have selective clients across a broad industry base and thus we do not encounter blocked and "off limits" situations that affect industry specific specialty firms.

The quality of our work is self evident, for over 80% of our business is either for clients previously served or from referrals.

Iíve gone with the big firms and got lost in the cracks- for my companies were too small to hold their interest. Now I use the boutique firms- they give me the attention I need and they understand the type of people we are after. H.Haight, President of Argo Global Capital, a high tech V.C. firm