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Search Strategy

Search Process

Search Process

When retained to do a search, the following eight step process and timetable can be anticipated:

  1. Position Definition/ Candidate Profile (Week 1):
    A thorough analysis of the client's need is performed on-site to establish both the job description and work disciplines required and the Candidate Profile and "working chemistry". A thorough understanding of the client's culture, goals, objectives, strategies and mission is developed through one-on-one interviews with Board Members, Senior Management and other key people.

  2. Research (Weeks 1 & 2):
    Based on the analysis in step 1, our research team drills down to identify targeted industries and companies and then spotlights top prospects within them with the required disciplines.

  3. Telephone Sourcing & Prospecting (Weeks 3 - 5):
    Approximately 75-125 calls will be made to selective sources and prospects to identify qualified candidates; at the end of this phase, a meeting with the client * will be held to review the progress of the search, identify problem areas, and go over a "long list" of brief profiles of promising prospects.

  4. Prospect Interviewing, Evaluation, and Screening (Week 5 - 7):
    Each of the promising prospects and additional new prospects will be interviewed in depth to evaluate them for the approximate skills and personal chemistry.

  5. Candidate Presentation (Week 8):
    Three to five finalists will be presented to be interviewed by the client. A written Confidential Executive Profile will support each finalist.

  6. Candidate Interviewing & Evaluation (Week 8 +):
    Client interviews are scheduled and client candidate responses are monitored.

  7. Reference Investigation:
    Following the selection and prior to hiring, a thorough reference check is performed to insure candidate suitability. The majority of these will be conducted on a "face to face" basis.

  8. Formal Offer:
    Assistance and guidance is provided, as appropriate, in the preparation of the final compensation package.

*The search process is a team effort with the client and thus continual communication with the client is maintained throughout the assignment. This is especially critical during the "mid-course correction meeting" held part way through Step 3, where brief profiles of promising prospects are reviewed to insure proper candidate suitability. Also, as part of the team effort, if a client has prospects they have been considering, they are introduced into the search process at this time.