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Search Strategy

The key to ERI's unmatched success is that every search is a custom tailored effort, commencing with the development of an on-site candidate profile and position description created via consultative client discussion. A thorough analysis of the client's need is performed to establish and create the goals and responsibilities of the position, and the experience and personality of the desired candidate. Our strategic and organizational consulting experience has been useful in addressing difficult policy issues with Boards and senior management, resulting in developing consensus about organizational goals and what type of individual is "really" required.

The heart of ERI's unique search process is its targeted extensive industry and candidate research. Since no two searches are exactly the same, prior related searches are used as building blocks but each search is approached with a fresh outlook, unique to that situation.

The process then continues with prospect screening, detailed candidate interviews and finally in-depth referencing, usually performed face-to-face.

Since our searches are not filled from the files, our efforts produce the best person for the job, not just the best person who is looking for a job.

The technical specialty of a search firm is nowhere near as important as their ability to understand the style, personality, values and 'chemistry' of the organization. Joe Caruso, President of the Bantam Group Board member and President of the New England Chapter of the NACD