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Atlantis Components

Chief Executive Officer

The Board of Directors of Atlantis Components Inc. voted unanimously to appoint Richard Sullivan to be its new Chief Executive Officer.

Atlantis is a Life Sciences software based company in the field of restorative dentistry that has developed, patented and commercialized valuable technology for the mass customization of dental components. The core of the Atlantis FDA approved technology is protected by 6 patents (5 more pending) that seamlessly integrate, forming the unique marriage of a proprietary software design system that is combined with computer aided manufacturing precision.

The result is a customized implant component that is anatomically correct for each patient's individual condition, enabling the implant to be done better, faster and cheaper, by a much wider array of practitioners, increasing the dentist's productivity and profit, as well as widening the marketplace. Each one-point increase in market share is worth approximately $150 million in components revenue to implant industry participants.

The search focus was a targeted effort, identifying the CEOs of the top 150 companies in the medical device world, drawing on our previous medical device search work, including ERI's search for the CEO of ACT Medical (since acquired by MediSource).

Mr. Sullivan fit the ideal Candidate Profile of "a resourceful CEO with proven start up experience driving the growth of a small, fast paced, unstructured entrepreneurial medical device company," having been the leader of 3 major start-ups and one turn around in the medical device world. In these various companies he:

  • Sold one company for 33 times sales
  • Increased sales by 7% and operating income of 159% within one year
  • Grew sales from zero to $48 million in six years, achieved after tax profit of 25%
  • Increased dollar share of overall market from .6% to 20% within 6 years

Mr. Sullivan has over 30 years of managerial experience in the medical device industry, in both large company and start-up settings. He has extensive experience with regulatory agencies, IDE clinical trials, Class III devices and biotechnology research. He comes to Atlantis from Catheter Innovations, where he was COO of this privately held start-up which developed, manufactured and distributed cardio-vascular access devices serving interventional radiology, cardiovascular surgery, oncology, nephrology, infectious disease, critical care/ICU, dialysis and apheresis markets. Catheter Innovations was recently acquired by Boston Scientific for $50 million.

Atlantis is backed by American Bailey Ventures, a Connecticut based Private Equity Firm and VIMAC Ventures, a $170 million Boston based Venture Capital firm investing in emerging growth companies involved in Life Sciences and Information Technology.

Mr. Sullivan holds a BA degree from St. Benedict's College and completed the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Executive Development Program.


Atlantis Components, Inc.