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Executive Resources International, LLC

Formerly Organization Resources, Inc

Over 80% repeat or referral business
Management Team:

John C. Jay

David L. Kuhns

Michael S. Massey

John C. Mechem

Frederic M. Schaefer

Board of Advisors:

George Rossi

Peter Sprague

Josh Tolkoff

George McClelland

Paul W. Martin

Betsy Harper

Bruce Ryan

Doug Cooney

Tom Liebermann

Peter Sprague

Peter Sprague has extensive experience founding and/or running over 15 international companies in the Consumer and High Tech world. He has served as Chairman of a wide range of business ventures including Design Research, the Advent Corporation, Aston Martin Ltd. and National Semiconductor Corporation. He holds numerous patents in the field of information distribution and is currently Chairman and CEO of Wave Express.

Peter received his BA from Yale University, with subsequent studies at MIT and participated in the Doctoral Program at Columbia University.