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The following is representative of many of ERI's Non-Profit searches:

"The Board seeks a proven leader who can bring this agency into its second century with foresight into trends and opportunities, one who can fulfill both the philosophical and fund raising need of the agency along with the pragmatic necessity of managing a black bottom line."

Charter for the President/CEO - Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries
(Executive Search conducted by ERI)

ERI’s Non-Profit client base ERI has a long tradition of service to the non-profit sector, having served a majority of the major not-for-profit, cultural, civic and academic institutions and organizations in New England. The bulk of ERI’s non-profit search work has been at the senior level for endowed organizations which have a wide range of missions reaching out to a varied non-profit audience.
Non-Profits in leadership and fundraising transition Historically ERI is called in by the Board at a time of a non-profit organization’s transition due to either the incumbent’s pending retirement or replacement. The organization usually finds itself in a state of flux at this juncture as to its future course of direction, and concurrently as to the requisite skills and experience needed in the new leader or fundraiser.
A listening, “value added” consultative approach, managing the search process The skill sets and experience of the incumbent may not be appropriate for the organization going forward. Clients repeatedly cite that ERI’s hallmark “value added” component is our effectiveness in working with the Board, guiding them and the process, to help define the organization’s future goals and objectives, which in turn helps define the profile of the individual needed to achieve these goals and objectives. With these 2 critical areas in focus, we then continue the process by helping the Board to define the first 12-18 month objectives.
Full spectrum of customized research ERI does not specialize vertically in a particular non-profit sector, such as museums, academia or health care. Our niche, honed over 35 years, is our ability to customize our research and search efforts to a client’s specific needs, enabling us to target and attract topflight talent horizontally across the full spectrum of the non-profit sector.
Specialists in finding candidates “outside the box” Modern technology enables our research to be fresh and done nationally within a defined sector or industry, contacting civic, business, political, academic and related “thought leaders” in the field, as appropriate. We are thus able to identify potential candidates, without resumes, who are not “on file” and who are “outside the box.”
Custom tailored searches
Diversity of clients and candidates
The degree of time and effort spent at the inception of the search is directly proportional to the degree of success at the end of the search. Since our searches are not “filled from the files”, every search is a custom tailored effort. This “out of the box” thinking has enabled us to find leaders and fundraisers, sometimes from industry, for non-profit organizations whose “specialty” is as diverse as Human Services, Policy Advocacy, Homelessness, The Arts, Land Conservation, Natural Science, Public Works, Living Museums, Catholic Education, Symphony Orchestras, Black Fundraising and Marine Life.
80 % repeat business The quality of our work is self evident, for over 80% of our business is for clients previously served or from referrals.